Invited Faculty

We have include a wide range of speakers from multiple different industries.

The faculty will comprise a plethra of medical professionals, lawyers, pilots, patients (or their parents) to share their own experience within the healthcare industry, actors, politicians, sportsmen and sportcoaches. Enjoy!

Saturday 16 (19)

Changing the way that things are done

08:00 am - 13:00 pmSession 113:00 pm - 14:00 pmLunch14:00 pm - 15:30 pmSession 215:30 pmTea16:00 pm - 17:00 pmSession 317:00 pmClose

14:20 pm - 14:40 pm

Living & Working in the Zone

Clinton Gahwyller

Clinton has a background in psychology and works in high performance sport at the Institute for Sports Science, UCT.

15:00pm - 15:30 pm



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